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江苏Mica piece, ceramic piece series
江苏Mica piece, ceramic piece series

江苏Mica piece, ceramic piece series

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  • Release date:2022-04-01
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The mica sheet is composed of polysilicon Muscovite, quartz, garnet and rutile, with albitite, zoisite and chlorite. The garnet is rich in Fe and Mg, and the Si of polysilicon Muscovite is up to 3.369, which is also a high pressure combination. Insulation and low loss of thermal resistance, or a good black body.

Natural mica sheet is made of thick mica after stripping, thickening, cutting, drilling or punching, with a certain thickness and a certain shape of mica parts, the product is suitable for TV sets, power capacitors, thermal relay, monitoring display, aerospace, aviation, communications, radar, heat-resistant skeleton sheet as raw and auxiliary materials. Electric heater chips, electric heater protection sheets, gaskets, electronic tubes and bulb sheets are made of natural mineral products, which have the characteristics of pollution-free, insulation and good voltage resistance. We can cut all kinds of natural mica sheets according to customer requirements.

Mica slices - white mica slices - gold mica slices - biotite slices - sericite slices - lithium mica slices - sodium mica slices - vanadium mica slices - large mica slices

Application of mica sheet

Mica and its products are widely used as insulating materials in electrical products. Its varieties are: natural mica, synthetic mica, mica strip, mica plate, mica foil, mica glass and so on.




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