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江苏Car seal parts
江苏Car seal parts

江苏Car seal parts

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  • Release date:2019-07-05
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First, according to the class

1.O type sealing ring series

It is made of fluorine rubber, nitrile rubber, silica gel, ethylene propylene rubber, difluoro rubber and other materials. It is widely used in various machinery, resistant to various petroleum base oils and various chemical media: it can be used without glue. 60 ° C - + 200 ° C (double-fluorinated rubber FFKM through a specific vulcanization method up to 300 degrees or more) temperature range, the use of pressure range: <10MPa (hydraulic), <1MPa (pneumatic) <16MPa (static seal) of NBR The rubber and gasoline resistant (90, 93, 97) expansion ratio is zero.

2.Y type seal

Fluorine-containing rubber, nitrile rubber, chlorine rubber and other materials are widely used in hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic and other industries. The resistant petroleum base oil has excellent wear resistance, and different rubber types can be used to meet the temperature range of -60 ° C - + 200 ° C.

3.V type seal

It is an axially acting elastic rubber seal that acts as a pressureless seal for the shaft. The sealing lip has good mobility and adaptability, can compensate for large tolerances and angular deviations, can prevent internal grease or oil from leaking out, and can prevent external splashing or dust from entering.

4. Hole with YX type seal

Brief description of product use: for the sealing of pistons in reciprocating hydraulic cylinders. Scope of application: TPU: general hydraulic cylinder, general equipment hydraulic cylinder. CPU: Hydraulic cylinders for construction machinery and cylinders for high temperature and high pressure. Material: Polyurethane TPU, CPU, rubber Product hardness: HS85±2°A Working temperature: TPU: -40~+80°CCPU: -40~+120°C Working pressure: ≤32Mpa Working medium: hydraulic oil, emulsion 5. YX type hole retaining ring

Brief description of product use: This standard is applicable to the use of YX-type seal ring when the working pressure of the cylinder is greater than 16MPa, or the function of protecting the seal ring when the cylinder is eccentrically stressed. Working temperature: -40~+100°C Working medium: hydraulic oil , emulsion, aquatic product hardness: HS92 ± 5A material: polytetrafluoroethylene, according to the material

3. Silicone rubber series

Equipped with advanced testing equipment, clean and dust-free workshop. Products are widely used in electronics, medical equipment, food and other industries.

The rubber type uses a variety of domestic and imported silica gel, the use temperature can meet -60 ° - +200 ° C, the product can meet the oil resistance, steam resistance, medical, edible full transparency, high strength, flame retardant, conductive silicone rubber.

4. Fluororubber series products

Widely used in automotive, shipbuilding, military, electronic and electrical industries, working temperature -40 ° C +200 ° C, can withstand fuel oil, high temperature, freon, overheated water, steam and excellent chemical resistance, welcome Customers choose to customize.

5. PTFE series products

The PTFE gasket has high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and it does not work with concentrated acid, alkali or strong oxidant at high temperature. It has been widely used as a sealing material and is suitable for pipes, flanges and reactions. Sealing devices on kettles, valves and vessels. Shaped parts are produced according to user's design drawings.

6. Various miscellaneous pieces

The material is made of NBR, natural, fluorine rubber, silica gel, etc. It is widely used in the automotive, machinery, valve and other industries. Different rubber types can be used to meet the temperature range of -50 °C - +200 °C. The product has good wear resistance and flexibility, and can be designed according to the requirements.

7. Metal rubber seal

The material is metal rubber, which is a homogeneous elastic porous material, which not only has the elasticity of rubber, but also has the excellent characteristics of metal, and can work at a temperature of -150 to 800 °C. At the same time, it can also be under pressure and has the dual functions of pressure and sealing within a certain range. Its purpose:

(1) FRP pipe; FRP sand pipe; FRP pipe; Cable protection pipe; Flue gas desulfurization pipe; Coal mine gas drainage pipe; Power plant desulfurization and dedusting pipe; (2) Municipal water supply and drainage pipe sealing;

(3) Sealing of various process pipelines (petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, papermaking, sewage, seawater desalination, food brewing and beverage processing, medicine, etc.); (4) sewage collection and transportation pipelines, water pipeline sealing;

(5) Sealing of drinking water pipelines and water distribution pipes;

(6) Oilfield water injection pipe sealing;

(7) Sealing of hot water conveying pipes and hot spring water conveying pipes.


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