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Superior performance of silicone rubber products


Silica gel products can be seen everywhere in life and are increasingly favored by people. The basic structure of silicone rubber is composed of silicon-oxygen chain joints, and the side chain is connected with other kinds of organic groups through silicon atoms. This special composition and molecular structure makes it combine the functions of organic and inorganic compounds.

The outstanding performance of silica gel products is as follows:

1. Weather resistance: Silica gel products have better thermal stability and radiation and weather resistance than other polymer materials, and their service life can reach decades in natural environment.

2. High and low temperature resistance: silica gel products can not only be high temperature resistant, but also low temperature resistance, can be used in a wide temperature range, whether chemical or physical properties, with temperature change is very small.

3. Physiological inertia: silica gel products are very resistant to biological aging, no rejection reaction with animal bodies, and have good anticoagulant energy, good chemical stability.

4. Electrical insulation performance: silica gel products have good electrical insulation performance, its dielectric loss, voltage resistance, corona resistance, volume resistivity and surface resistivity are among the best insulation materials, but also has excellent heat resistance and water resistance.

Silicone rubber is a new polymer material, which has a series of characteristics such as high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, excellent electrical properties, physiological inertia and so on. These characteristics make it widely used in the medical field.



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