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Silicone products custom considerations


As an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless safety product, natural rubber products have been recognized by more and more people, so many products are now made of silicone, such as luggage tags, refrigerator stickers, coin purses, various ornaments, Various protective covers, etc., what are the precautions when customizing silicone products?

We have summarized the following five points:

First, the field inspection of the factory, because the silicone products have high requirements on the workshop environment, for the dirty, chaotic, miscellaneous workshops, resolutely veto, because in this environment, the quality of the silicone products produced can not be guaranteed.

Second, carefully check the mold drawing, confirm that the opened mold is consistent with the design drawing, otherwise it is a waste of time.

Third, for silicone products with more complex patterns, it is necessary to confirm whether the factory will simplify the image file. Because the traditional process, the cost of producing more products will be higher, so many factories will simplify it. The one-piece molding process does not need to be simplified.

Fourth, carefully confirm the sample to see if it is consistent with the image file, whether the mold is defective, whether the workmanship is exquisite, whether there are any problems such as dirt and burrs.

Fifth, the delivery date, to see if it can meet the required delivery period.

The above are the basic elements of my summary, welcome to discuss and add.

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